Why I joined the Socialist Party...



I joined ‘MILITANT’ (forerunner of Socialist Party) in 1974 at time of acute crisis and big Trade Union Industrial battles during the 70’s. There was short time working (An enforced 3 day week). Rocketing Oil prices. Increasing unemployment. Sound familiar!!

In those days political allegiances to Labour were strong. To declare yourself a Tory could result in a “Baptism” with your head flushed down the toilet at School especially in what was then a mining area like Cannock. With the enforced 3 day week with power cuts and increased cost of petrol my Family moved back to Birmingham.

In February 1974 Ted Heath called a General election on the campaign slogan of "Who runs the country - the government or the trade unions?" I joined the Labour Party and the Labour Party Young Socialists and with a bit of help from myself Ted Heath and Tories lost the election.

During the election I met members of Militant and later joined. I was impressed how they conducted themselves and patiently explained the programme and ideas. There were no “short cuts” or light minded slogans . The Liverpool City Councils refusal to carry out cuts in the early 80’s and the Anti Poll Tax Campaign proved not just in words but deeds how Militant’s ideas and tactics could win.

The election of MP’s in Liverpool and those such as Dave Nellist in Coventry living on the Wage of the workers they represent were an inspiration. Our current MP’s and Euro MP in Dublin also live on a workers wage. They did not get elected by lying but on the basis of the struggles they have led to defend working class people.

Young people are not seen as political. It is true they are not “Party” Political because now all the parties are the same.

Young people and the “not so young” are becoming more political and joining the Socialist Party.

At meetings you won’t be lectured at. We are well versed in the art of listening not just talking If you just want to find out more just ring or email us.

The only way for yourself and future generations not to be constantly struggling is to achieve Socialism (A Society where working class people own and control the wealth we create). I recommend that you join the Socialist Party.


Growing up in the 1990s and early 2000s I only ever knew Labour as the party who gave us Tony Blair, privatisation, tuition fees and the Iraq War. When I reached voting age I was told Labour was meant to be the party for working people but during my whole life I had seen no evidence of this.

I knew the Tory party were not to be trusted as I heard the horror stories of Thatcher, however, I was also too familiar with the horror stories of Labour from my own personal experience.

My earliest memory involving politics was sitting in front of the news as a child and seeing the first UK bombs hit Iraq and in my mind I saw innocent people and families dying. Knowing there wasn't a parliamentary party who fought for my interests or for that of people like me made me feel helpless and isolated throughout most of my life.

In spring 2015 I attended a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) meeting in my local town due to a leaflet being put through my door. There I saw TUSC chair Dave Nellist speak as well as my local TUSC candidate Ted Woodley. It was the first time I had ever heard people fight for the things I believed in; ending tuition fees and fighting for nationalisation.

It was through my involvement in TUSC that I was introduced to the Socialist Party and went to a branch meeting. There I learnt about the party's history (as Militant) and the issues which they fight for.

Talking with people at the meeting meant I no longer felt isolated from politics and was able to connect with like-minded people. Everyone involved in the branch had been welcoming and friendly and it didn't take me long to join.

Being a member of the Socialist Party has not only enabled me to find my political voice but also to understand politics on a class basis, giving me confidence to fight for issues I believe in and I feel more empowered than I did before.

But overall, the main point when talking to someone about why they should join the Socialist Party is how you will no longer feel alone or isolated. To know there are people on your side and feel the same as you.


I had been a Labour Party member on and off since the mid-1980s. I left when Tony Blair scrapped Clause 4, committing Labour to nationalisation, and rejoined under Ed Miliband.

When Jeremy Corbyn was elected I had hope. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed, and I left the Labour Party two weeks before Keir Starmer's election.

I looked around and decided the Socialist Party was for me. Two reasons: I agree with the aims of the Socialist Party, and I knew excellent comrades already in the Socialist Party from my activity in civil service union PCS.

It is the best thing I could have done. Since joining I have been involved more actively in a few months than in years in the Labour Party.

At last I feel at home surrounded by socialists fighting for the same aims and objectives. I would urge any non-members to seriously consider joining and building a strong Socialist Party for all workers. Solidarity.


After attending various Socialist Party Scotland meetings at university, and coming into contact with members canvassing for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum (indyref), I eventually decided to join the Socialist Party after being given a leaflet during a Black Lives Matter demo in Birmingham.

I had become disillusioned with mainstream politics over a long period of time: Blair’s illegal war in Iraq; the false promises for more devolution from Cameron, Miliband and Clegg just before indyref, which were trashed by Cameron the morning after the result; workers being forced to bail out the banking system during the 2007-08 global financial crisis; Corbyn’s treatment by Labour; the growing inequality witnessed during Covid; all pointed to a broken capitalist system.

For me, the most pressing political concern is the environment. The environmental destruction brought upon the planet will not be solved in a capitalist system. BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips, as well as the American Petroleum Institute, knew that using their products led to climate change, but then spent decades misleading the public.

This crisis cannot be left to market forces. Instead, climate catastrophe can only be averted by socialist policies to nationalise the big energy companies and industry under democratic working-class control and management.

The Socialist Party’s core values align with my own, most importantly, that socialism must be realised on an international basis. By joining the Socialist Party you will meet like-minded people who believe in fighting for an economic system that will provide peace, justice, and a prosperous future for generations to come. To reach these goals, inaction and apathy are not an option. Join the Socialist Party today.

We are a branch of the Socialist Party, the English and Welsh section of the Committee for a Workers' International - a worldwide revolutionary socialist organisation with parties and groups in countries across the globe.
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