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Campaign with us to defend working class people and change the system. From stopping cuts to local services, to supporting trade union campaigns for better pay and conditions in the workplace, to taking on the political establishment in elections, Socialist Party members are active across Birmingham.
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We say there is an alternative to endless misery. Today, more than ever before in human history, enormous wealth, science and technique exists which could, if properly harnessed, easily provide all of humanity with the necessities of life that capitalism cannot. It is not much to expect a job with a living wage, a warm and high-quality home, and a dignified retirement with a living income, yet in 21st century Britain these are becoming unobtainable luxuries for millions.
This is the alternative.
Branch meetings are the weekly antidote to all the lies and misinformation in the mainstream media, and to discover the information that never makes the media at all – the real struggles of the working class.

Join us to keep up to date with the latest socialist news. Everyone get the opportunity to express their views.
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We are a branch of the Socialist Party, the English and Welsh section of the Committee for a Workers' International - a worldwide revolutionary socialist organisation with parties and groups in countries across the globe.
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