What is Socialism?

The Socialist Party is a campaigning party. We are involved in many day-to-day battles in defence of working-class people - from standing alongside striking workers, to opposing evictions, to campaigning to stop closures of public services, to fighting for a £15-an-hour minimum wage. In every struggle in which we are involved, however, we also argue the case for socialism.

We say there is an alternative to endless misery. Today, more than ever before in human history, enormous wealth, science and technique exists which could, if properly harnessed, easily provide all of humanity with the necessities of life that capitalism cannot. It is not much to expect a job with a living wage, a warm and high-quality home, and a dignified retirement with a living income, yet in 21st century Britain these are becoming unobtainable luxuries for millions.

The obstacle to achieving these modest aspirations is capitalism: a system that puts the production of profit for the few - the millionaire and billionaire capitalist owners of industry and the resources of society - before the social needs of the majority. A socialist society would use the wealth, the technology and the knowledge that already exists in society today, and place it under the democratic control of ordinary people. A genuine socialist government would not be dictatorial. On the contrary, everyone would get to take part in deciding how society and the economy would be run, with no higher wages or material privileges for those elected to represent us. This way, it'd be possible to plan production and delivery of goods and services for the benefit of people and the planet, not profit.

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    We are a branch of the Socialist Party, the English and Welsh section of the Committee for a Workers' International - a worldwide revolutionary socialist organisation with parties and groups in countries across the globe.
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