In the last four sets of elections to Birmingham City Council, Socialist Party members have stood as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, alongside activists from the RMT transport workers union.

We aim to cooperate with candidates who share our view that austerity needs to be challenged at the ballot box and who pledge to vote against cuts.

We think that Labour councillors should refuse to do the Tories' dirty work by voting through cuts and instead should vigourously campaign for the necessary funds needed to properly fund local services.

If there is no sign of resistance we stand our own candidates who are prepared to put up a fight.

Socialist Party members who stand for public positions, such as MPs and councillors are committed to taking only the average wage of a skilled worker in the area they represent.

We believe that this policy plays an important role in making sure the party develops in a healthy way and that its representatives remain in touch with ordinary working people.

Socialist Party members look to build links between election candidates standing on an anti-cuts, pro-worker and socialist programme as part of the goal of building a new mass workers party.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, is officially backed by the RMT transport workers' union as well as several leading trade unionists and socialist organisations including the Socialist Party.

We are a branch of the Socialist Party, the English and Welsh section of the Committee for a Workers' International - a worldwide revolutionary socialist organisation with parties and groups in countries across the globe.
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