June 24, 2016


Come to our public meeting on Monday 4th July - details below

After this turbulent morning the result to the EU referendum would have had time to sink in and nearly every person in the UK will be thinking ‘what next?’


The votes show a clear result – working class people have used this opportunity to show their anger against the establishment. Leave voting strongholds have come from deprived areas where austerity has hit its hardest.


UKIP and the Tory right will claim this as their victory and try to sow further seeds of division into the working class of Britain but the people they will claim voted for them have no interest in any political programmes they promote. Working class people have shown they want a party to fight cuts and promote socialist ideas like the renationalisation of the railways – we just have to look at Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide Labour leadership victory last year!


Now with David Cameron’s resignation the Tory party is at it’s weakest point and split beyond belief. The Tories know they are in a vulnerable position and they will attempt to smooth over this period with a leadership election rather than a general election. But this will not help working people nor will it answer their concerns over cuts and drops in pay.


Jeremy Corbyn and the trade union movement should take this opportunity to demand a general election is held immediately. They should answer the frustrations of ordinary people regarding job losses, zero hour contracts, insecure jobs and austerity. They could do all this while cutting across the racism fuelled by UKIP and the Tories by standing on a socialist platform and uniting the working class in a fight for the NHS, education, renationalisation of the railway and energy companies and for an end of big business tax avoidance!

Want to discuss what the Brexit will mean for working people? How we can fight back against austerity and attacks on immigration following the vote? Then come to our Public Meeting: 7:30pm, top floor, The Wellington, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham City Centre B2 5SN. Speakers include former Militant Labour MP Dave Nellist. All welcome

Cameron out now – not in October!

Kick out the Tories!

General election now!

Fight for socialism!

Fight for the 99%!




Written by workers for workers.

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