The Socialist Case For EU Exit - Come To Our Public Meeting

June 3, 2016


The official exit and remain campaigns are both dominated by big business politicians. With Boris Johnson on one side and David Cameron on the other you know it is the interests of the top 1% being debated not those of the 99%.

The Socialist Party is campaigning for a vote for exit. Our campaign has nothing in common with the right wing nationalist politicians who speak for exit in the media.

We call for exit because the EU is an ‘Employers’ Union’. From the beginning it has been an agreement between the different bosses of Europe in order to create the largest possible market so they can maximise their profits.

Since then EU treaties have enshrined privatisation and attacks on workers’ rights into the fabric of the EU. Look at the way EU institutions treated the people of Greece – forcing endless austerity on them, lowering incomes by an average of one third and led to mass unemployment.

Come and hear more about the socialist case for EU exit on
Monday 6th, 7:30pm on the top floor of The Wellington, Bennetts Hill.

All welcome, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and have your say.

For more info call/text 07941003037 or email

Written by workers for workers.

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