The case for Labour defying the government and setting a 'deficit budget'- leaflet now available

Click here to view or download our flyer debunking the myth that the Labour councillors have no choice but to make cuts.

We explain in practical terms exactly how the council can stand up for the people of Birmingham and set a 'needs budget' based on our needs and build a massive city-wide campaign to demand the government provides the necessary additional resources to fund it.

This is exactly what Liverpool city council did in the 1980s and they won major concessions from Thatcher (a far stronger prime minister than Cameron) and her Tory government. With £60m extra funding they created thousands of jobs, built more council houses that the rest of the country put together, nurseries and much more. If the 20 other Labour councils who had initially promised to stand up to Thatcher did the same her government could have been brought down.

If Birmingham's Labour continue to cut they are simply doing the Tories' dirty work.

We urge Labour councillors to defy the Con Dem government of millionaires and refuse to destroy jobs and services in our city. However if they still refuse to fight the cuts then they should move aside and let genuine anti-cuts fighters take their place.

We therefore welcome Communities Against the Cuts' call for a city wide anti-cuts electoral challenge in the 2014 council elections.

Would you consider standing against the cuts?

Written by workers for workers.

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