Thank You To TUSC Voters From Birmingham Socialist Party!

Birmingham TUSC Candidates
Birmingham TUSC candidates

The Socialist Party in Birmingham would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who went out and voted for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in the local elections on Thursday. We would particularly like to thank all members and supporters who took part in our campaign and who worked hard to put forward anti-austerity and socialist policies.

Now the results are in, Birmingham Council has remained Labour controlled and with it being 4 years until the next election we can expect a continuation of their cuts and attacks on workers.

On Tuesday 1st May, at the successful Birmingham Socialist Party public meeting on the Council elections, the cuts and how councils can fight them, many points were raised about how the cuts being carried out by Labour Councils will have a damaging effect on Corbyn’s anti-austerity message - which was the reason behind the Labour surge in last year’s general election. The role is already having an apathetic and disenfranchised effect on Birmingham voters as the press reports it was a relatively low turnout – perfectly illustrating people did not feel there was a choice between the two main political parties and the cuts they offer (just under a different colour!).

The meeting, introduced by Dave Nellist, ex Militant Labour MP and current National Chair of TUSC, and the lively and passionate contributions from the floor which followed highlighted the role councils could play in supporting Corbyn’s policies by refusing to carry out the cuts and instead to work locally with trade unions and community groups to build up an anti-cuts resistance.

Dave Nellist speaking at the Birmingham Socialist Party public meeting on the Council elections

It was noted this tactic is far from the role Birmingham Council actually does. Instead the Labour Council decides to attack their own workforce, with the bin workers last year and the home care workers this year. This role they play is more damaging to Corbyn’s anti austerity message than anything!

It was also noted the current ballot by the FBU (Fire Brigade’s Union) of their members in the West Midlands Local Fire Authority who, if a yes vote, will be out on strike against a Labour ran authority as they continue to change their job descriptions to take on roles which, if it were not for devastating cuts, should be done by social care and the NHS.

The main feeling which was taken away from the meeting and can be reflected on now the elections are over is the cuts are not a game. They are having a horrific impact on Birmingham’s communities and for some is a life and death situation. With homelessness on the rise, worker’s being stripped of their jobs, vulnerable people losing the care they need and the precarious conditions for many families and young people. These are the reasons why Birmingham Socialist Party saw no other option than to stand under the banner of TUSC to challenge Labour Councillors who believe it is ok to carry out the Tories bidding and to bring down the people of Birmingham rather than this weak and wobbly Tory government.

And it is these same reasons Birmingham Socialist Party will continue fighting against the cuts, the housing crisis, in defence of the NHS and for socialist policies. So if you voted for TUSC please join us in building the socialist voice in the future battles that are going to take place against the Tory government and their system.

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Written by workers for workers.

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