Taxi For Dave Nellist!

April 22, 2015

Recently, Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition chair Dave Nellist got interviewed by Mark McGowan, AKA The Artist Taxi Driver. Dave got the chance to put the case for TUSC to the thousands of subscribers to the Youtube channel, and talk about his own record as an MP who only took the wage of an average worker in Coventry during the 1980s.


The video comes in 3 parts, and is as good use as any of 30 minutes. Another good use of a spare half hour is helping to leaflet, canvas and spread the word about TUSC and our anti cuts challenge to the parties of big business.


TUSC pre-election meeting, 7.00pm Monday 27th April @ YMCA 301 Reservoir Rd, ERDINGTON

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Written by workers for workers.

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