Summer Strike Wave Spreads! Time to Unite the Strikes

The summer strikes are hotting up as workers hit back against the cost-of-living squeeze.

Alongside the growing number of localised disputes, transport workers in the RMT, Aslef, TSSA and Unite are stepping up their national struggle in a week of strike action. The CWU is organising national strike action by its members across Royal Mail, BT and the Post Office over six days. On 31 August, 155,000 CWU members will walk out together in Royal Mail and BT.

There will be pickets at Royal Mail offices across Birmingham - to find your local one to go and show support, head here:

Disputes are blowing up on a weekly basis, many of them resulting in significant gains. Nearly 2,000 dockers at Felixstowe are about to strike – the port through which almost half of the UK’s containers are transported. On 10 August, thousands of construction workers under the NAECI agreement, working as contractors at sites such as oil refineries and power stations, walked out taking unofficial action to demand the pay rise they need and deserve.

On top of these, public sector unions are preparing for national strike ballots in the autumn.

All of this represents a step change in the level of action. The unions are becoming a pole of attraction to working-class people, desperate to keep a roof over their heads, worried how they’ll keep the lights and heating on in the winter. With the abject role of Keir Starmer and his New Labour Party, this is even more the case.

No wonder that thousands of non-unionised Amazon workers joined the strike wave and walked off the job when one of the biggest companies in the world ‘offered’ them the insult of a pay rise between 35p and 50p per hour! This predominately young workforce of up to 75,000 are learning the reality that workers are more powerful if they are organised in the trade union movement, taking action together.

And that is the case for all workers, particularly the six and a half million already in the unions. On picket line after picket line, workers agree with the idea of striking together. They know that the Tories are in crisis and on the ropes, but the knockout punch has to be delivered.

With workers from nearly every sector and trade union moving into action to defend our livelihoods against the cost of living crisis, there’s an urgent need to link up all the different strikes taking place.

That’s why on Sunday 11th September the National Shop Stewards Network is organising a lobby of the Trade Union Congress to call on the leaders of the union movement to call co-ordinated action so that we can strike together and force the bosses back.

It’s taking place in Brighton, and trade unionists from across the West Midlands are heading down on a free coach that’s been organised to allow as many local trade unionists as possible to attend.

It’s scheduled to depart by outside TK Maxx in Birmingham city centre at 8:30am and return for 7:30pm that evening, and as well as being an important event for applying pressure on the leaders of our movement, it should also be a great day out.

Seats are filling up fast - to book yours, email

Written by workers for workers.

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