Standing Up For The Working Class

April 2, 2022

On Thursday 5th May, the whole of Birmingham City Council will be up for re-election for the first time in four years. Since then, over £150m more has been cut from local services by the Labour council - with another £40m coming in the next 12 months.

Birmingham's Labour Council has cut over £770 million from our services since 2010. They've robbed over 13,000 jobs from Birmingham, closed 43 youth centres, 12 nurseries, 21 childrens' centres, 5 childrens' homes, 4 libraries and countless community and leisure facilities.

While luxury apartments appear in the city centre, social housing declines elsewhere. The Tory government and Labour council lack the will to tackle dodgy and exploitative landlords - because many MPs, councillors and their families are landlords themselves!

The inaction of all the establishment parties while the cost of living increases daily for working class people shows that we need someone who will stand up for the likes of us - not more pro-austerity councillors in the pocket of big business.

That's why Socialist Party members will be taking on the red, blue and yellow tories in these elections as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. We'll be letting people know they don’t have to waste their vote on the same old establishment parties, and that we can build a political fightback against the attacks on our living standards and public services.

Socialists don’t just want to defend the scraps the government have left us. We fight to stop all cuts but also bring back all the valuable services sold off, closed and abandoned over the years.

Rather than working class people just about managing to scrape by, we fight for an end to the cost of living squeeze, starting with a £15/hr minimum wage, a 15% pay rise in the NHS and care, an end to zero-hour contracts and a 50% increase to pensions.

We'll be standing in the following wards:

Acocks Green – Eamonn Flynn

Bournbrook & Selly Park – Tom Green

Castle Vale – Kris O’Sullivan

Erdington – Corinthia Ward

Gravelly Hill – Tom Patrick

Kingstanding – Joe Foster

Ladywood – Piriyasha Jeyanayagam

Longbridge & West Heath – Clive Walder

North Edgbaston – William Downs

Perry Common – Siobhan Friel

Pype Hayes – Bill Murray

Sheldon – Mark Andrews

South Yardley – Bob Severn

Stockland Green – Ted Woodley

Can you help us get the message out? We'll be running regular leafletting and canvassing sessions in the run up to polling day - for more info, get in touch.

Unlike the establishment parties, we don't have rich backers - can you chip in to help cover the cost of our leaflets? You can donate on this link.

And come to our public meetings to hear more about what a socialist councillor could do to stand up for working class people in Birmingham, and how we'll be continuing the fightback beyond May 5th:

Longbridge & West Heath

7pm, Monday 25th April

St Anne's Church Hall

Lilley Ln, Birmingham B31 3JT


7pm, Thursday 28th April

The Erdington Club

33 Sutton New Road, Erdington

Young Socialists Meet-Up

3pm, Monday 2nd May
Selly Park
Meet by car park off Raddlebarn Road
B29 7DA

City Centre

7pm, Wednesday 4th May

Top floor, The Wellington

Bennetts Hill B2 5SN

This post and all content on this site relating to the 2022 local elections promoted by Joe Foster at 11 Kerby Road Birmingham B23 7EX on behalf of Birmingham TUSC candidates.

Written by workers for workers.

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