Standing Against All Cuts

Between them Birmingham’s Tory and Labour councillors have carried out £750m worth of cuts since 2010, with more than 12,000 council jobs axed, with an extra £41m worth of cuts still to come this year.

These cuts have consequences and the poorest are hit the hardest.

Working-class families and communities across the city have been ignored and neglected for too many years. Birmingham Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in which Socialist Party members play a leading role, says enough is enough!

Before the pandemic the Labour council made sweetheart deals with property developers building luxury apartments and hotels in the city centre completely unaffordable to ordinary workers while ignoring the lack of council housing needed to solve the housing crisis.

We’ve still got tower blocks with Grenfell-type cladding across the city waiting for a disaster to happen, sheltered homes for the elderly and vulnerable being left to grow black mould, burst pipes, broken lobby doors with no sense of security for residents, coupled with a slow, outsourced maintenance team.

This council doesn’t have the bottle to combat dodgy and exploitative landlords. Some sitting councillors are landlords themselves!

Birmingham TUSC will be campaigning tirelessly to bring all these rogue landlords to justice, to repair and maintain all social housing so everyone can feel safe in their own home. All long-term empty properties in the city should immediately be taken under council ownership and the council should launch a crash council house building programme in order to start tackling the increasing waiting time on council housing lists.

Furthermore, Birmingham TUSC demands that all the public services including nurseries, youth centres, sports clubs, libraries, swimming pools and more that have been stolen away from working-class communities be reinstated and brought back in house.

The Commonwealth Games is an expensive vanity project and will not replace the services cut back over the last decade. The Games is not coming to the city to help working class people in Birmingham. We need community sports facilities, not PR stunts!

TUSC stands shoulder to shoulder with council workers fighting to keep our city’s services running and defending their pay and conditions, like the homecare and bin workers. The Blairite Labour councillors spent over £18m on hiring scab armies and consultants for a bin dispute that would have taken less than £1m to resolve…. But now they have the cheek to raise your council tax by 4.99%!

With socialists in the council chamber, working class people have the best chance of fighting the Westminster Tories and winning the resources our communities need for a decent life for all.

Vote TUSC and join our campaign to defend jobs, homes and services in Birmingham! We're standing in this May's City council by-elections in:

Billesley - Abdul Haq

Hall Green North - Eamonn Flynn

Oscott - Ted Woodley

Quinton - Mia Wroe

Come to our West Midlands online rally at 7pm on Sunday 2nd May - Zoom ID 818 0628 0433 (no password required)

Promoted by Joe Foster at 11 Kerby Road, Birmingham B23 7EX on behalf of Birmingham TUSC candidates.

Written by workers for workers.

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