Socialist Gets 90,000 Votes In US - Can It Happen Here? Public Meeting

City Council elections in Seattle this month saw Socialist Alternative (the Socialist Party's American sister party) activist Kshama Sawant get elected with close to 90,000 votes. The first openly socialist and Marxist candidate to be elected in the USA in decades, this magnificent victory came on the back of a grassroots campaign around the demands of a living wage of $15 and hour and an end to the cuts being enforced by the Obama administration. Read more here.

Birmingham Socialist Party will be holding a public meeting on Monday 2nd December to discuss how this important step forward for the socialist movement in the world's main capitalist superpower was achieved, and how we can build a similar movement here in the UK.

The meeting will start at 7:30pm on the top floor of The Wellington, Bennnetts Hill. All are welcome, with the chance to join the discussion and ask questions.Image

Written by workers for workers.

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