Socialist Candidates For Birmingham Confirmed - Join The Fightback!

April 16, 2015

The nominations are in, and we can now confirm that more socialist candidates than ever will be standing in local and parliamentary elections in Birmingham next month. With over 600 council and 130 MP candidates across the country for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), this will be the largest left challenge to Labour and the other establishment parties since WWII.

With the main demands including a reversal of cuts and privatisation o public services, and increase in the minimum wage and scrapping of zero hours and for MPs to only take the wage of an average worker, voters will have the chance to support a real anti-austerity, pro-working class alternative this May.

The TUSC candidates for Birmingham City Council are:

Acocks Green - Eamonn FLYNN

Bordesley Green - Theo SHARIEFF

Erdington - Joe FOSTER

Hall Green - David WRIGHT

Hodge Hill - Marie O'CONNOR

Kingstanding - Ben PERRY

Lozells and East Handsworth - Alistair WINGATE

Moseley and Kings Heath - Mike FRIEL

Northfield - Clive WALDER

Oscott - Brian BEDDOWES

Quinton - Nick HART

Selly Oak - Keturah PRENDERGAST

Sheldon - Mark ANDREWS

South Yardley - Siobhan FRIEL

Stechford And Yardley North - Laura CROSS

Stockland Green - Ted WOODLEY

Tyburn - James REDFERN

As well as in Sandwell

Abbey - Lynn WADDING

And we're standing in the following parliamentary seats:

Dudley North - Dave PITT

Erdington - Ted WOODLEY

Perry Barr - Robert PUNTON

Yardley - Eamonn FLYNN

Between now and election day, we'll be leafleting workplaces, railway stations and estates to spread the message that there is a real alternative in the elections this time - to find out how you can get involved, get in touch with us

Written by workers for workers.

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