Seen Us On TV? Why Not Get Involved!

On the evening of Friday 17th, socialist politics got a rare bit of TV exposure with the election broadcast for the Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition. With the media preferring to focus on the pro-cuts, pro-big business arguments of the main parties and UKIP, we've had to fight tooth and nail for the small amount of coverage we've been given. However, getting an election broadcast is just the start. We want to meet other people out there who are looking for an alternative to the viscous cuts being made by the Con-Dems, the 'me-too' politics of Labour and the back to the 1950s policies of UKIP.

If you've seen the election broadcast and want to find out more about what we stand for and how you can get involved, Birmingham Socialist Party will be holding open meetings in the City Centre on Monday 20th and Acocks Green on Tuesday 21st. For more details, take a look at our meetings page.

Can't make these? We'll be holding our pre election meetings in Erdington on Monday 27th, Dudley on Tuesday 28th and Yardley on Tuesday 5th; details here. We'll also be out campaigning around Birmingham and Dudley in the run up to May 7th, hoping to talk to workers, students and those out of work who are fed up with political elite and want to see an end to austerity. If you'd like to get invovled or just want more info, feel free to get in touch.

Last of all, TUSC has no wealthy backers (unlike other parties), relying instead on donations from trade unions, campaigning groups and most of all, ordinary people. The cost of standing candidates, printing leaflets and producing the broadcast video runs to thousands of pounds - can you spare a tenner for TUSC?


Written by workers for workers.

The media never covers the real struggles of the working class. Instead they spread lies and misinformation. That's why we have our own newpaper and email list.

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