PUBLIC MEETING: Thatcher is dead - now let's bury her policies! Dave Nellist to speak

Margaret Thatcher will never be forgiven for the devastation that her Tory governments’ policies wrought on working class communities in the 1980s – and is still being felt today.

Birmingham Socialist Party is holding a public meeting where we will discuss Thatcher's time in power, her legacy but most importantly how to bring her policies to a permanent end.

We believe that the first step needs to be for the TUC to call a 24 hour general strike against austerity.

Dave Nellist will introduce the discussion.

Dave was a Labour MP during Thatcher's time in power and, alongside other Militant-supporting MPs Pat Wall and Terry Fields, refused to take the full MP's bloated salary. Instead he only accepted the average wage of a skilled worker, donating the difference to the labour movement.

Dave was expelled from the Labour Party for refusing to pay the Poll Tax. But it was the successful campaign against this tax, led by our forerunner Militant, which reduced the Iron Lady to iron filings.

Today's government's plans are a fourth-hand photocopy of Thatcher’s original agenda. They do not realise that they are stirring up mass explosions greater than even Thatcher had to face. The trade union movement is discussing general strike action, pushed along by mass pressure from below.

The Socialist Party (as Militant) played a key role in bringing down Thatcher. Join us in the fight to defeat the Tories again today!


Entry free- all welcome

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Written by workers for workers.

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