PUBLIC MEETING: How can Jeremy Corbyn consolidate his victory? WIll the right wing split?

Jeremy Corbyn has been triumphantly re-elected with an even bigger majority in all sections of the Labour Party.
We in the Socialist Party warmly welcome the result and support Jeremy in his struggle to change the Labour Party.
The urgent  question now is how to neutralise the Blairite and careerist Labour MPs and councillors who will never accept Jeremy's leadership and will try to derail Jeremy's efforts to transform and re-energise the party.
Join us next Monday evening to discuss the situation and hear the Socialist Party's programme to consolidate the election victory and furthermore to bring about a socialist society.
7.30pm Monday 3rd October
The Wellington (top floor meeting room)
37 Bennett's Hill, city centre B2 5SN
Speaker: Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary and former Labour NEC member 
call/text 0744 742 5494/0784 931 8609
Facebook event here

Written by workers for workers.

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