Over 2000 Brummies Vote Against Cuts

In Thursday's council elections a grand total of 2275 voters in Birmingham chose to support candidates standing on the basis of opposing cuts to public services, with a majority of those votes coming for Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition members, with notable hauls of over 200 votes in Acocks Green, Lozells and East Handsworth, Stockland Green and Tyburn.


The socialist vote this time round was never likely to be large enough to win seats, due to the media blackout for anti austerity candidates and other factors. All the same, the result represents a good effort by the groups involved to get the message out that there councillors can and should oppose the cuts. Unlike the four pro-cuts parties (that includes UKIP!), we'll be out on the streets of Birmingham campaigning and fighting for working class people in the weeks and months following these elections. The Socialist Party won't be going away any time soon, so why not join the struggle against cuts, racism and capitalism?

Written by workers for workers.

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