No to zero hours and low pay! Join the protest!

This Saturday, Birmingham Youth Fight For Jobs members will be holding a protest on New St as part of a national day of action for a living wage and decent working conditions. We'll be outside Primark from 1pm. Come and join us as we take our demands for an end to zero hours contracts and a living wage of £10 an hour onto the streets of Brum.

With just the richest 1000 people in the UK having increased their wealth by over £35bn in the last year (and it's been going up since the banking collapse in 2008), and UK companies hoarding back £750bn in cash reserves and £120bn in unpaid tax, we think there's enough money for a living wage, holiday and sick pay and for the government to create jobs rather than cutting them.

What it needs is for today's young workers to do what their parents and grandparents did and get organised! Join the protest this Saturday as we take the first steps towards that.

Written by workers for workers.

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