IDS resigns - let's get rid of the rest of them

March 21, 2016

Victims of the Tories' cruel benefit sanction regime across Birmingham cheered when Iain Duncan Smith resigned from his position as Work and Pensions Secretary. IDS states that the cuts to disability benefit were ‘not defensible’. He also made it clear that we are not all in this together, pointing out that Corporation Tax cuts have been made at the expense of Disabled people. And he is right. When the 100 top CEOs earned £27,645 in the first 2 days of 2016 the Tories are going to cut £3500 a year from PIP.

This must be stopped and Osborne should immediately resign.

But IDS hasn't belatedly found a conscience – after all it is he who oversaw savage cuts across the board to our welfare system prior to resigning. His alternative is to pass these cuts on to ‘wealthy pensioners’! He should know about wealthy pensioner lifestyle, living, as he does, rent free in a £2 million mansion (Daily Mirror 30/3/13).

Open warfare exists in the Tory party over the EU referendum. They do not trust each other and the Socialist Party has never trusted them. We have consistently pointed out that austerity is a political choice just like bailing out bankers or cutting Corporation Tax.

Look at what maverick Tory MP, Nadine Dorries, has had to say about IDS:

" IDS told me he was angry I was rebelling because it was his bill and reflected on him, and now he resigns because disability cuts are a step too far!.

"He said the paper would include automatic enhanced benefit qualification for a long list of disabilities including AIDS, MS, RA, MND etc.

"I am angry that he made me vote for something I did not want to vote for, bribing me with a promise and now HE resigns."

We would love to know what that bribe was!

This resignation is further proof that the government is weak and split. The situation is crying out for organised mass pressure and resistance from working class people. This cannot be left to chance or for the elections in 2020. The TUC needs to organise a mass national demonstration, not as a one off, but to prepare the ground for co-ordinated industrial action across the public and private sector, leading to a 24 hour general strike.

One Tory down, now let’s get rid of this whole government, build a mass fightback against austerity and for a socialist alternative to the nightmare of capitalism.

Join the fightback – Join the Socialist Party today – we need you.

Written by workers for workers.

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