Heartlands Hospital porters to strike again- stand firm and beat the bosses!

After 48 hours of strike action on 30th October the porters are walking out for another two days on 23rd November.

Despotic management at the University Hospitals Birmingham trust (UHB) are determined to bulldoze ahead with their plans to wreck the work/life balance of the porters at Heartlands by imposing a brutal rotating shift system. The porters organised in the union Unison are having none of it and are fighting back. Birmingham Socialist Party supports the porters 100%.

In the meantime the trust's chair, former Blairite Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, is trying to make a name for herself as a Z list celebrity, unsuccessfully competing in TV's Strictly Come Dancing.

She was one of the many MPs embroiled in the MP's expenses scandal back in 2009. She designated her sister's house in London, which she shared, as her main home which allowed her to trouser £116,000 in additional allowances for her actual family home in Redditch which she claimed was her 'second' home.

Just look at how working class people are treated in this society: the porters who were recently described as 'key workers' and 'heroes' by the politicians work around the clock for little above the minimum wage yet they are the ones who find themselves under attack from hard-nosed bosses who want to squeeze every last drop of work out of them.

But it's a different story for Jacqui who is once again coining it- she's now on £50,000 for just 2.5 days a week at the trust.

Under socialism there will be no fat cat bosses on six figure salaries 'running' our NHS. With workers' control and management of society all supervisors and managers will be elected and bosses on bloated salaries, many times higher than workers on the shop floor, will be a thing of the past.

Without layer upon layer of unnecessary managers and bureaucracy created by the currently fragmented and semi-privatised organisation there will be more resources for patient care and for NHS workers to receive a significant pay rise and enjoy a shorter working week without loss of pay.

If you agree with us that capitalism doesn't offer working class people a future, and that to protect jobs and public services we need to change society and fight for socialism you should join us.

We say:

  • Support the Heartlands porters
  • Defend work/life balance, no changes to rotas without agreement
  • Fully fund the NHS- fight for an immediate 15% pay rise for all NHS workers, fill the thousands of vacant posts
  • Scrap NHS trusts- for a fully integrated, publicly owned NHS

Birmingham Socialist Party Heartlands Hospital workplace bulletin #2

Written by workers for workers.

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