George Floyd's Life Mattered: Thousands protest in Birmingham

June 5, 2020
Protesters listen to Socialist Party member and trade union activist Dave

Several thousand people joined the 4th June Birmingham protest as part of the global outrage following the racist murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.

Centenary Square was absolutely packed with protesters from across the city and from all over the West Midlands. Even when many marched off to demonstrate outside the police station, the square was still bursting at the seams as more arrived.

The thousands of young people on the demo showed they are not the 'snowflake generation', but that they want to actively fight for a better future. The deafeningly loud chants included 'I can't breathe', 'black lives matter', 'no justice, no peace' and 'Tories out!'

Hundreds listened to speakers at the Socialist Party stall. To massive applause and cheers, Deji said how socialist change can deliver justice for the victims of police brutality, Generation Windrush deportations, and the Grenfell Tower fire. Kris said how the city's Labour council had worsened inequality in Birmingham by carrying out Tory cuts and privatisation. Firefighter Dave spoke about how racism is used to divide the working class, but that working class unity and organisation can change that. Go to to see pictures and videos.

Queues were formed to take Socialist Party leaflets, placards and copies of the Socialist. See the leaflet here:

The Birmingham protest showed deep rooted anger at the institutional racism in both the US and UK and the unjust capitalist system that it helps protect. But the determination for struggle to fight for a new system was even clearer.

West Midlands Socialist Party public zoom meeting
Monday 8th June, 7pm
How can we build a mass movement to smash racism?
Jai Chavis - an activist from the US Independent Socialist Group on the mass anti-racist protests and workers' action across the country.
Deji Olay - of Birmingham Socialist Party on the relevance of what's taking place in the USA with the struggle against racism in Britain and the fight for socialism

If you would like to join in the meeting, text/call 07539429441 or 07447425494, or email

Written by workers for workers.

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