General Election Called - Vote Socialist on July 4th

June 10, 2024

After 14 years of the Tories, our services and communities are crumbling and wages cover less and less. Millions will be glad to see the back of them – but we need a real alternative.

While running local councils in Birmingham, Sandwell and elsewhere, Labour have helped the Tories slash services and allowed landlords and property developers to make fat profits while social housing declines.

We can’t trust Labour to stand up to the super rich and powerful. We need an MP who can be a voice for working class people in Birmingham and beyond.

That's why Socialist Party members are standing in Erdington and Smethwick as part of a challenge by 40 Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidates across Britain.

Trade unionist and local parent Corinthia Ward is standing in Erdington, and was a key part of the victorious campaign by Birmingham homecare workers against pay cuts in 2018-19. And in Smethwick, local school worker Ravaldeep Bath will be the socialist candidate.

If elected, they will only take the average wage of a skilled worker in Erdington and use the position to organise local people to fight back against council cuts, bad bosses and cowboy landlords.

There is vast wealth in Britain - no-one should have to be cold, homeless or hungry. If the capitalist system won’t provide that, we need to change it for a socialist one that works for us!

Read more on what the Socialist Party stands for and how our general election campaign can be a step towards this on our national website

We want to give a socialist alternative in this election, but also to help build a working class fightback that'll be needed after it. Can you help us?

For more info on how you can help us put the case for socialist change to people in this election, get in touch - or come to one of our public meetings:


7pm, Thursday 27th June

The Highcroft Community Centre

485 Slade Road

B23 7JG


6:30pm, Monday 1st July

Upstairs at The Bear Tavern

500 Bearwood Road

B66 4BX

And can you donate to our campaign? Unlike the main parties we don't have any big business funding or rich backers. All amounts big and small are gratefully received on our crowdfunding page.

Promoted by Nick Hart at 342 Highfield Lane, Birmingham B32 1SD on behalf of Corinthia Ward and Ravaldeep Bath

Written by workers for workers.

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