End The Occupation of Kashmir!

A lively demonstration of around 500 Kashmiris from all over the Midlands calling for the removal of all Indian military forces from their land and marking the second anniversary of the removal of Kashmir's special status by the reactionary Hindu chauvinist Indian government of Narendra Modi took place in Birmingham.

Despite being confronted with enormous military force, the Kashmiri people show no signs of accepting permanent annexation by India and the discrimination that accompanies it. 

It would be a grave mistake to rely on either the equally reactionary anti-worker government of Pakistan for national liberation or the 'diplomacy' of the world's major imperialist powers. US President Biden has delivered a very mild rebuke to the Indian government, which has more to do with defending the US's geopolitical interests in the Indian sub-continent than the welfare of the Kashmiri masses.

Kashmiri workers and peasants can only rely on their own strength and organisations to achieve national liberation and urgently need to form a party of workers, peasants and poor farmers armed with a socialist programme to take over the land and major industries in the region so that Kashmir can be governed in the interests of the masses.

Socialist Party members joined the protest, distributing copies of this statement written by our sister parties in India and Pakistan at the time of Jammu & Kashmir having its special status removed. The support for the Socialist Party' polices were reflected in the £37.50 donated and one person expressed an interest in joining the party.

Written by workers for workers.

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