Dudley North Socialist Candidate Slams Tory Plot With Racists

The papers have been full of the news of (recently resigned) Tory candidate for Dudley North Azfal Amin cooking up a scheme with EDL leaders to try and stir up racist division amongst ordinary people in the town.

Dave Pitt speaking at the protest in Dudley against the EDL last month
Dave Pitt speaking at the protest in Dudley against the EDL last month

Dave Pitt, a local firefighter and union activist, is standing for the seat for the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition on a programme of fighting austerity together, rather than being split apart by race or religion like the bosses want. Here's what he says: "If true, the accusation that the Tory candidate for Dudley North was prepared to inflame issues around race for personal or party gain is an absolute disgrace. What Dudley needs is jobs and decent pay for doing those jobs. Dudley needs homes for our young people and an end to cuts and privatisation in our NHS and the growing misery of austerity. What we don't need are attempts to divide our community, to get us to fight amongst ourselves rather than campaign for a better life for all. I spoke on behalf of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) at the rally in opposition to the last EDL march in Dudley. The people of Dudley don't want to be used like this. We expect our politicians to help solve problems, not create them. Afzal Amin should do the people of Dudley a favour and resign now. I also believe that whether the allegations are true or not, many local people will believe that this kind of reported activity is all too representative of many Westminster establishment politicians, of their self-seeking and their contempt for the working people of Britain. Thirty years of free market dogma from all parties has brought us to where the next generation can't look forward to being better off than the last one, but the one thing they can be sure of is that the elite will look after themselves. Tory, Liberal, Labour and now UKIP all argue that working people must pay for the crisis of the economic system, rather than the minority who most benefit from it. I'm standing in this election because working people need our own voice in politics in order to focus on bringing people together to demand more resources - not to pit communities against each other to fight for scarcer resources. What we in Dudley need are jobs and homes. We don't need racism or sleazy games." Between now and the election on May 7th Birmingham and Black Country Socialist Party members will be holding meetings and putting forward the socialist alternative in Dudley North. For more info on the campaign or to get involved contact election agent Lenny Shail on 07530 429441or lennyshailduffy [at] gmail.com

Written by workers for workers.

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