Council's undemocratic shenanigans put tinpot dictatorship to shame...

Birmingham City Council, in a completely undemocratic act, have cancelled a room booking for an anti cuts protest meeting the evening before the council are due to vote through £110 million of cuts, citing 'unforseen circumstances' as the reason.

The meeting, which was to be held in the council house on 25th February, was organised not just as a protest meeting but also as a last chance to lobby Labour councillors who would be having a Labour Group meeting in the same building. Clearly Labour councillors are scared of meeting anti cuts constituents because they can defend neither the cuts or the completely undemocratic way in which the budget has been drawn up and the pubic consultation meetings ignored.

New Labour's handling of this would put a tinpot military dictatorship to shame. The only thing that concerns them is pleasing the ConDem government, the bankers and the tabloid press. This has shown that there is no way that Labour can be seen as a workers' party and that unions should stop giving them money. Instead they should use their resources to build a genuine mass workers' party.


Written by workers for workers.

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