Come To The Lobby Of The TUC!

The EU Referendum result has plunged the Tories into crisis. Cameron – the architect of the most brutal austerity offensive for 90 years is history as is Osborne! Boris’s leadership ambitions are in tatters. We can all celebrate this outcome along with Farage’s resignation. Their weakness makes the attempted Blairite coup against Jeremy Corbyn all the more unforgivable and needs to be defeated. May's Tory government is without authority nor legitimacy yet they still intend to plough on with the cuts. We have to get ALL the Tories out but how?

nssn We need to bring together all the struggles against the Tories. Teachers and lecturers finished the academic year on strike with plans for more action in the autumn term. Junior doctors have voted by nearly 60% to reject an inadequate deal but the Tories still intend to impose. We can’t let them fight alone. We need mass co-ordinated strike action to bring together these disputes and the many others that are taking place every week.

 For the 7th year, the National Shop Stewards Network is organising a rally and lobby before the start of TUC Congress – which this year is in Brighton on September 11th. It is open to Congress delegates and all trade union and anti-cuts campaigners. We will be supporting Congress motions that argue for the mass action that can take on this weak and divided Tory government.

For info on transport to the lobby from Birmingham, phone/text 07771 931 185 or email brum.sp[at]

Written by workers for workers.

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