Come To Our Election Meetings, And Vote Socialist!

April 27, 2016

Since Jeremy Corbyn's fantastic election victory to lead the Labour Party there has been an upsurge in enthusiasm for socialist ideas and the Socialist Party warmly welcomed this.


However the same cannot be said of the thousands of Labour councillors, the vast majority of whom did not support Jeremy and none of whom has stood up and declared that they will refuse to pass on the Tories' cuts.


In Birmingham not one Labour councillor or candidate has said that they will vote against cuts in the chamber, despite our offer to provide support and assistance if they did. They have all been willing to vote through tens of millions of pounds of cuts though.


Anti-cuts protest in Birmingham last July

We feel this refusal to fight undermines Jeremy Corbyn's anti-austerity position in practice and will result in support slipping away. We think that councillors should stand up for their communities and fight to protect services and jobs from cuts and privatisation.


Therefore we have decided to stand Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates in wards across the city who ARE prepared to vote against implementing the Tories' vicious cuts.


We'll be holding two public meetings, where you can hear about our strategy to beat the cuts, and meet our candidates:


7pm, Thursday 28th April

Highcroft Community Centre

485 Slade Road

Stockland Green

B23 7JG


7pm, Tuesday 3rd May

Hopkins Room

Acocks Green Methodist Church

Shirley Road

Acocks Green

B27 7YE


And be sure to vote for the following candidates on the 5th of May:

Acocks Green - Eamonn Flynn

Bartley Green - Moira O'Driscoll

Erdington - Joe Foster

Hall Green - David Wright

Kingstanding - Joe Derbyshire

Longbridge - Clive Walder

Quinton - Nick Hart

Selly Oak - Theo Shareiff-Winston

Stetchford - Richard Carter

South Yardley - Mark Andrews

Stockland Green - Ted Woodley

Tyburn - Marie O'Connor


Written by workers for workers.

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