City Labour party: make Brum's cuts 'fair'!

We must have got it all wrong when the we said that the Labour council leadership aren't prepared to campaign against cuts.

Birmingham Labour Party has just launched a campaign to get the government to return money the government has stolen from the council.............. but only by just enough to reduce Birmingham's cuts to the average level of all local authorities' cuts!

The leaflet I got through my letterbox said 'We accept the inevitability of cuts, but why should Birmingham be hit harder than other areas? It's just not fair'

They invite members of the public to pound the streets and get people to sign petitions calling for 'fair cuts' and to write to Eric Pickles, the minister responsible for butchering public services. Pickles will only give Birmingham more money if there is a strong campaign of defiance rooted in the council workplaces and communities. The kind of campaign that arguing for fair cuts won't build.

If they're going to campaign for the return of the 'excess' cuts totalling £79 million they may as well campaign for the money to fund a needs budget! It wouldn't require much more effort or at least draw up a budget with that money in and demand that central government funds it!


Written by workers for workers.

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