Celebrating The 100th Anniversary Of The October Revolution

October 22, 2017

Monday 31st October, 7pm, Upstairs at The Old Royal, Church St, Birmingham City Centre

This month, Birmingham Socialist Party are holding a special public meeting to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution - the greatest event in human history!


It saw the overthrow of Tsarism and the abolition of capitalism with the workers taking power led by the Bolsheviks. Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party General Secretary, will be describing what took place in Russia in 1917, answering some of the common slanders directed against the revolution by the capitalist media, and the Stalinists as to what Lenin and Trotsky really stood for.

With capitalism currently in a deep crisis and socialism increasingly on the agenda in Britain, and around the world, we will be looking back at what happened in 1917 and what the lessons are for today's struggles. There'll be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, so don't feel put off if you're new to socialist ideas!

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In the meantime, be sure to visit the Facebook event for the meeting, and also the 1917 Revolution website - the number one online resource for anyone looking to learn more about the events and lessons of the Russian Revolution

Written by workers for workers.

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