Can Corbyn Change The Labour Party? Public Meetings

Before Jeremy Corbyn got on the ballot paper, the Labour leadership contest looked to be a deathly dull contest between three Blairite no-marks. However, the effect of his entry into the race has had an electrifying effect, with 700 turning up to hear him speak in Birmingham recently - the biggest left meeting in Birmingham for some years.

However, with the party machinery unable to accept the fact that anti austerity politics are actually popular with large numbers of workers and young people, the right wing careerists that make up the bulk of Labour's MPs are seeking to have Corbyn removed as quickly as possible in the event of him winning.

Birmingham Socialist Party will be holding two public meetings next month to discuss whether Labour can still be reclaimed as a vehicle of struggle, and what a Corbyn victory - or defeat - would likely mean.

Just some of the hundreds who turned up to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak at The Bordesley Centre
Just some of the hundreds who turned up to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak at The Bordesley Centre

Our Birmingham South East branch will be inviting Socialist Party national committee member Ben Robinson to speak on Tuesday 1st September at 7pm at Acocks Green Methodist Church on Botteville Road

Meanwhile Birmingham Central Branch will be hearing from former Militant Labour MP Dave Nellist on Monday 14th September at 7:30pm, upstairs at The Wellington, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham City Centre

In the meantime, be sure to check the Socialist Party national website for analysis of the Corbyn campaign

Written by workers for workers.

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