Brum Opposes Trump!

Hundreds of people attended the protest that took place on Friday 13th July in Victoria Square to protest Donald Trump's visit to the UK. With a mix of all ages and backgrounds, there were students, workers and trade unionists present.

The protest in Victoria Square

Birmingham Socialist Students and Birmingham Young Socialists took a leading role in the protest, engaging with young people at the 12pm walk out and protest and getting great responses. People were encouraged to write down their reasons for protesting or walking out on posters which were made into an anti-Trump wall, with contributions from many people, who recognised both Trumps words and actions as damaging to working class people.

The anti-Trump wall


Many times when asked to pick a reason they were protesting Trump people responded with “where do I start?”, showing just how strongly people oppose Trump and his policies, also reflected in the numbers who turned out to the lively 5pm protest. Although other left groups were present, we were the only group putting forward class politics on the day and calling for an end to not just the Trump presidency, but also to the Tory government who welcomed him here. Our stall received a great response of support from protesters and passers by who identified with our message of opposition to the racism and sexism of Trump and his party and the fight to improve the lives of the working class in both the US and the UK.

Just some of the socialist contingent at the demo

Written by workers for workers.

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