Brum Bin Workers force Council Leader John Clancy to resign!

Mobilise like never before!

  • To keep grade 3s!

  • To defeat & kickout Manzie and the backstabbing Labour Cabinet

Bin Workers and working class people across Birmingham will be celebrating the resignation of Labour Council leader John Clancy this evening.

John Clancy lied that he never made a deal with Unite!

Fighting and striking back gets results!

But the attacks on grade 3s, jobs and services still remain. Unelected chief executive—Stella Manzie who ignored the ACAS agreement and sent out the redundancy notices and Labour Councillor Lisa Trickett and the Labour Council Cabinet remain in place and hold the same responsibility and blame for the current attacks, lies and backstabbing as Clancy.

They can be defeated though!

Bin workers should be even more confident they can win this fight. A mobilisation like never before to continue to step up the action and build for the demonstration outside the council house at 11am this Sunday, 17th September can help further hammer the nail into this weak and divided council and defeat once and for all their attacks on the grade 3s and jobs and services in Birmingham

Organise for victory!

Written by workers for workers.

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