BREAKING NEWS: Bin Workers Save Grade 3 Posts

Today at a mass meeting, Birmingham's refuse workers voted to accept a deal from the council which sees the threat of making 113 workers redundant removed. As well as an important example of what fighting union organisation can achieve, the deal will be a relief to those bin workers in the Grade 3 "leading hand" role who faced a choice between losing their job or taking a pay cut of up to £6000 a year.

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After several weeks of strike action earlier this year, this victory also represents an important defeat for council bosses' plans to smash the union and roll out downgrading of jobs and wages on a wider scale. Coming at the 11th hour before a high court hearing scheduled for Monday, the council has also agreed to cover the Unite union's legal fees, and reinstate a victimised shop steward, as well as no increase in working hours (though the planned change from a four to five day week will go ahead).


With Birmingham's Blairite-run council having fought tooth and nail to attempt to force through these attacks on the workforce, it's clear that the battle to transform the Labour Party is far from over. Those councillors responsible for going back on the deal previously agreed this summer and spending £6m on a scab army to try and break the strike should stand aside, or be prepared to lose their seats in next May's elections!


More detailed report and analysis to follow

Written by workers for workers.

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