Black Lives Matter - learning from the Black Panthers - organisation, defence & demands

June 12, 2020

Young socialists against racism
Open air meeting - all welcome!

Birmingham meeting

Monday 15th June 6pm @ Centenary Square (in front of new library)....
(there is cover in case it does rain! ...fingers crossed suns out 😊)

(This will be a socially distanced event with 2m gaps and no more than clusters of 6 - we encourage mask wearing & we have a megaphone to help ensure people can hear everything.)

Young members of the Socialist Party are hosting this open air meeting for all those wanting to discuss organisation, defence, demands and other lessons from the Black Panthers and to also discuss how we can best help mobilise for further BLM protests across Birmingham, the Black Country and surrounding areas.

This is a not a meeting claiming to be the leadership or organisers of the BLM demos, but a meet up to help bring together all those wishing to learn and discuss what we can from the Black Panthers and past struggles against racism and for black liberation. To discuss what we can do to be prepared and organised against the increasing threats from the far right, the state and police.

‘’Seize the time!" - Bobby Seale, Black Panthers
Fight racism and class inequality
Fight capitalism.
Join the socialists!


Here are some links to just few bits of our recent and past work fighting racism, the far right and the state!

"We're going to fight racism and capitalism with socialism"
Extracts from a speech by Deji Olayinka, Birmingham Socialist Party, at the protest on 7 June.

Black and Asian Covid-19 deaths: an indictment of capitalist inequality by Jim Hensman, Socialist Party BAME group

Stephen Lawrence murder - the untold story
How socialists and the local community fought back against racism and the BNP

Hugo Pierre asks: Reform or revolt? How was the slave trade abolished?

Windrush: Whitehall demo shames Tories and Blairites

Who was Malcolm X?

1993: BNP racists forced off Brick Lane

Police Racism - Caught Red-Handed

Soweto uprising 1976 - The powder keg ignites

We support and urge everyone to build and come along to the following protests taking place across the West Midlands organised by various BLM, justice and campaign groups.

Stafford - Saturday 13th June 2pm Market Square

Worcester - Saturday 13th June details tbc

Nuneaton - Sunday 14th June 4pm @ Harefield Rd/by bus station

Birmingham - Friday 19th June 6pm @ Victoria Square -

Wolverhampton - Sunday 28th June 3pm @ St. Peter’s Square

Let us know of any others!

Written by workers for workers.

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