Birmingham Teachers Go On Strike Over Forced Academisation!

NEU strike Springfield School
Teachers, students and supporters on strike outside Springfield School, Birmingham 

What a racket! Hundreds of car (and some bus and truck) horns were honked in support of Springfield Primary School teachers on Thursday 24 May when the National Education Union (NEU) members took their first day of strike action against further job losses and increased workloads.

Springfield, in south east Birmingham, is set to become an academy, but the effects of academisation are already taking place. Over the past year experienced teachers and support staff have already been cut, and now more experienced teachers – some who taught the parents of current pupils at the school - are for the chop. The job losses would result in increased workloads that are already at a dangerously high level.

The NEU members believe that further increases to workloads will reduce their ability to provide the school children with the high-quality teaching they deserve. Yet at the same time there are plans for four, non-teaching, director roles! Alternative proposals put forward by the NEU have been ignored. It is no surprise that staff morale is at an all-time low. Aghast at the size of and support for the strike, management ushered pupils into school while trying to stop them talking to their own teachers!

NEU close up
Teachers at the picket at Springfield School, Birmingham

The NEU members, who will escalate action after half term if the plans aren’t dropped, marched along the roads outside the school at the end of the picket. The fantastic support for the pickets from parents, children and the wider community shows the value of a community school with settled, experienced teachers. Academisation, forced following an Ofsted inspection, tares that apart.

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Written by workers for workers.

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