Birmingham Labour councillors' promises

On 3 July Erdington Anti-Bedroom Tax campaign held its second meeting. Labour councillors Penny Holbrook, Josh Jones and Mick Finnegan fielded questions from the 25-strong audience.

The councillors declared they would physically assist constituents facing bailiffs on the doorstep! They said that although the city council had so far failed to make a stand against the Con-Dems' austerity policies, there remains an "unofficial" policy that the council, "had no intention of evicting anyone over the bedroom tax".

But when national government begins putting pressure on councils to begin evictions, can Birmingham city council be relied on to protect the interests of the most vulnerable in the city? If their track record of vicious cuts is anything to go by, this is doubtful.

The councillors were on the defensive through much of the meeting, claiming opposition to the bedroom tax but failing to show any intention to take the fight to the council chamber. It also appeared they didn't know how angry people are about the bedroom tax.

If our councillors don't deliver on their promises, then Erdington Anti-Bedroom Tax Campaign have stated that they are prepared to stand their own candidates. Watch this space!


Written by workers for workers.

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