Birmingham Fights Back Against Trump!


On the evening of Monday 30th January, just the first week into his Presidency, cities around the UK protested against Trump's Muslim Ban and Birmingham was no exception! Thousands came out in solidarity to all those who will be affected by the ban and to fight back against this racist and divisive act.

Echoing the protests in America from the weekend which saw the shut down of various airports (a role our co-thinkers in the US, Socialist Alternative, played a part in), people in Birmingham made it clear to Teresa May and the Tory government his ideas are not supported here.

However, fighting Trump alone will not end racism or the hostility of governments against those fleeing war torn countries. It is the class and system Trump represents, supports and sets to maintain. There needs to be a fight back against both Trump and the billionaire class. Only when workers can have control of the vast amounts of hidden wealth can we ensure all humans can have a decent standard of life. Let's build a party who works in the interest of the 99% and see an end of people like Trump, May and the 1%! Join the Socialists!


Written by workers for workers.

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