Bin strike back on - Victory to the Brum bin workers!

Birmingham Bin Workers will resume industrial action on Friday 1st September at 7am. The resumption of action comes about due to Birmingham City Council Chief Executive, Stella Manzie, pre-empting a debate due to take place at a Cabinet meeting on a deal brokered by UNITE, Acas and John Clancy, Labour Leader which secured 113 Grade 3 post responsible for Health and Safety in the loading process, and proceeded to issue Redundancy Notices.


The action was suspended to allow exploratory talks to continue but will now resume in response to Manzie’s actions.

In the week leading to the postponed Cabinet meeting, rumours were circulating that suggested that the Labour members on the Cabinet could refuse to back their Leader as the Officers of the Council had prepared a report informing that the ‘deal’ could not be afforded without bankrupting the Council.

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The Bin Workers, members of UNITE, having already taken 7 weeks of industrial action involving 3x1 hour stoppages each day, are fully prepared for a return to action and are determined to force this rotten Labour Council, who have spent in excess of £2 million employing scab labour to undermine the official action, into a retreat.

Birmingham Socialist Party gives its full support and solidarity to the Birmingham Bin Workers!

See our previous posts on this website for our reports of the strike over the last few months  or to find out more about the Socialist Party or join us:  Contact –, call or text 07941 003037   or go to


Written by workers for workers.

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