Benefits Slashed to 50p, Another Hit to Housing

Once again the government have found a way to reduce benefits in the United Kingdom and hitting Birmingham the hardest.
This time they have targeted housing benefits, reducing 578 out of 2,968 people that are benefit-capped to receiving only 50p housing benefit a week in Birmingham alone, a Panorama survey has found.
Compared to the average rent price in the Birmingham area of £145 a week this amount pays for a measly 0.3% of the money people need towards their rent.
This isn't even taking into account the bills people need to pay like gas and electricity etc.

The situation of housing in Birmingham gets worse year by year, we are now seeing that 1 in every 14 people don't have a home and only 59.3% of households actually own their home.
With this new scheme the government are putting out more people are going to be put at risk of homelessness, A rising issue in the area with the number of people sleeping rough on the streets becoming an increasing issue.
Capitalism again doesn't care if it puts people on the streets, people unable to work are instantly victimised in this cruel system. 80% of people affected by these changes are either sick or have very young children in need of care so do not have the choice to go to work.

To tackle these changes we need to fight for increased affordable council housing to meet demand. Having a system of democratic rent control will prevent people from being victimised by private landlords who are making a profit at the expense of people's livelihoods. In addition, we need to stop cutting housing benefits and reverse the cuts so people are able to afford to pay, as the actual cost of living keeps rising. Homeless is something which can only be eradicated under socialism - socialism will ensure people's needs are met, while capitalism's purpose is to bank money away made from the ever growing housing crisis!

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Written by workers for workers.

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