Activists campaigning for socialist causes outside shop.

Bearwood and Smethwick Deserve Better!

April 10, 2024

Working class people have been thrown under the bus for years. Whether it’s the unbearable cost of bills and essentials, the lack of affordable housing or the war on Gaza, politicians from the main parties keep ignoring us.

With over 1000 jobs already axed since 2010, there’s no end in sight to cuts under the Labour council in Sandwell, with school transport for special needs children in line for cuts in this year’s budget.

And residents will be paying more to get less, with another 5% council tax increase coming on top of the £35 green waste charge and hikes in the price of services from meals on wheels to bulky waste collection.

The council “bankruptcy” down the road in Brum shows where councillors not standing up for funding for our communities leads – further cuts and misery for working class people.

You don’t have to waste your vote on the same old establishment parties

Socialists don’t just want to defend the scraps the government have left us. A fighting council could win back funding stolen from Sandwell over the last 14 years. And a socialist councillor would support for workers striking back against bad bosses, tenants against cowboy landlords and those protesting for a ceasefire in Gaza – rather than washing their hands and standing aside as Labour councillors do now on all these issues!

On 2nd May, you can vote for a socialist councillor who'll stand up for us in the following Sandwell wards:

Abbey - Justin MacIntosh

Cradley Heath and Old Hill - Cammilla Mngaza

Oldbury - Richard Gingell

Smethwick - Ravaldeep Singh Bath

Wednesbury North - Gareth Knox

Wednesbury South - U'semu Makaya

And don't just leave it at that - come to our public meeting and hear from the socialist team about why we're standing, and how you can get involved - all welcome!

7pm, Monday 22nd April

Upstairs function room

The Bear Tavern

500 Bearwood Road

B66 4BX

Promoted by Nick Hart at 342 Highfield Lane, Birmingham B32 1SD on behalf of Sandwell TUSC candidates

Written by workers for workers.

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